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I would love to share an incredible story with parents. My son was hit by a drunk driver and left for dead. He was in the worst condition imaginable. The doctors told me after he was on life support 4 months that he would never walk, talk, or even know who I am. I took him to Dr. Shannon as he had multiple breaks and fractures on his whole body. At this time, he was in such bad shape Dr. Shannon didn’t even know what to tell me. I returned one day and my boy blew Dr. Shannon’s mind. He said hi Dr. Shannon. Witch I’m sure Dr. Shannon never expected. Gage was 4 years old at this time and has been a patient of Dr. Shannon ever since. I thank God and Dr. Shannon every day as my son has had multiple surgeries, so he can walk correctly and use his arms and hands correctly. If not for the knowledge and experience at pediatric orthopedics my son would still be in a wheelchair. They have totally rebuilt him. As he is 13 years old now. Riding bikes, playing baseball, and incredibly doing the thing little boys are supposed to do. My son has had a new procedure almost every year as it’s taken years and baby steps to correct the things he needed to be able to function as a normal boy. But Dr. Shannon and the doctors at pediatric orthopedics have the most incredible knowledge and skills to do amazing things to make the impossible possible. The office staff and doctors make you feel so hopeful and are just amazing people. I don’t know where my son would be without them. Thank you all at Pediatric orthopedics of southwest Florida.

Tonia Root

Through all 4 of my children's injuries they have been very helpful and caring. My children are very active in competition sports and we have visited this facility a fair few times. I would not trust my children to any other orthopaedic clinic in this area.

April Bass Mitchell

Excellent service and compassionate healthcare. Highly recommend.

Dawn Edwards Aler

We have been seeing Dr. Shannon since our daughter was born & now have been seeing Dr.Ruggles. Our daughter was born with Congenital Fibular defiencey in her left leg. Dr. Ruggles has gone above & beyond for our daughter and we speak regularly on Lucy’s progress. The whole staff at POSWFL is outstanding and couldn’t be happier knowing she’s in your hands. Thank you for everything you all do, Lucy appreciates you all very much!

The Stone Family

My daughter broke her arm on vacation so had to have surgery out of state. My experience - from calling to make a follow up appointment to everything - has been outstanding!!!! I can’t believe how easy it was; I thought for sure it would be difficult because someone else did the surgery out of state. I have been positively surprised every step of the way. Ladies at the front are AMAZING and each provider we have seen are outstanding and great with kids.

Jignasha Jani Cotherman

To the staff and surgical team of Dr. John Churchill,
And to the potential new patient…
Thank you, does not seem large enough of an expression to show the gratitude that we feel for all of the wonderful service and kindness exhibited by the staff and team at Pediatric Orthopedics of SWFL.
My daughter had to go through a spinal fusion and needless to say, we, as a family, were very concerned and anxious. The staff and surgical team were very informative and helped answer all our questions with the greatest of compassion.
From the beginning, with blood work and infectious control the whole team was wonderful. The day of surgery with everyone involved, it was as if Abby was the only patient and we were put at ease each step of the way. We received continued updates during surgery and then in recovery, the nurses were so informative. I can’t say enough about the PICU and all the nurses on duty. They were all so compassionate. The surgical team visits were so wonderful each day as they walked through recovery.
Dr. John Churchill is amazing and came to see Abby each day, even on the weekend. It was really a blessing to be able to touch base with him, and all he did for Abby.
So, from the bottom of our hearts, a heartfelt THANK YOU!!
You do make a difference in these children’s lives, and the world is a better place for your commitment.
The Fletchers

The Fletchers

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