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Sports Medicine:
F. Brett Shannon, DO

My interest in sports medicine stems from my experience gained as an arthroscopic surgeon while serving in the military as well as my experience as the father of three kids all involved in youth sports.

As a military orthopedic surgeon, it is common place to see numerous ankle, knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries in that young, healthy population. While most of those injuries can be treated conservatively, many require surgery. I developed an interest in arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery that continues as my main interest today.

doctor with patient

Personal Understanding

As the father of three kids involved in youth sports, I have personally witnessed the value of team sports and the importance of staying healthy on the playing field. My main interest in youth and adolescent sports is knee and shoulder injuries and I typically perform over 100 ACL reconstructions and shoulder labral repairs annually. I have a particular interest in elbow and shoulder injuries in the throwing athlete. The hardest part of my work is the judgment required for kids and teenagers in determining the balance of returning to play safely in the face of an injury and the prevention of permanent injury.

Board Certification

I am proud of my board certification in Sports Medicine awarded to me by the American Board of Orthopedic surgery and do my best to stay current in relevant topics and surgical techniques related to the care of the young athlete.

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